25 Days of Christmas Desserts Day 3: Cake Balls

These fun and festive Christmas cake balls are easy to make and sure to be a crowd pleaser at your next gathering! I made them for my friend’s birthday and she loved them. I used marble cake mix and chocolate frosting but you can use any flavor of cake and frosting you wish!

Box of Cake Mix
Can of Frosting
Wilton Candy Melts
Mini Cupcake Holders
Piping Bags
Popsicle Sticks (cake pops if you wish)

1. Bake cake according to box
2. Let cool
3. In large mixing bowl combine cake with 1/3 cup of frosting
4. Crumble cake until frosting is evenly distributed
5. Roll into balls
6. Dip in melted Wilton candy melts
7. Lay on a cookie sheet until dry
8. Decorate than place in mini cupcake holders

Feel free to make these cake balls into cake pops if you wish. I chose not to because I don’t have very good luck with the sticks!






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